Welcome to the CnSand (Sea and Sand) Portuguese Water Dog website.  Please feel free to browse the entire website as you will find tons of useful information on Portuguese Water Dogs in general, as well as the CnSand PWD breeding program and the many special dogs I have had the privilege to share my life with.

My journey with Portuguese Water Dogs began in 1992.  I have dedicated myself to preserving the Temperament, Health, and Type of the PWD through the study of Genetics, Pedigrees, Structure, PWD Breed Standard, Training, Socialization, Nutrition, and Behavior.  

The PWD is an intelligent, energetic, willful, and funny breed...if it is right for your family there is nothing better then being “owned” by a PWD.  Though this breed is not right for everyone as they require significant exercise, consistent training, and lots of attention.

Please note that while some people may refer to the PWD as hypoallergenic there is truly NO dog that can be considered appropriate for all allergy sufferers.  Some people that suffer from dog allergies do find that they can tolerate the PWD. 

Enjoy the photos and information contained on this site.  Please contact me with questions or comments...or just to chat about PWDs!


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A beautiful dog is the result of a carefully constructed pedigree.  He is a testament to those who contributed to him through their vision and lifetime of hard work. 

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NEWS Flash!!!

Bindi on the Cover of the 2014 Holiday Season Catalog for “In the Company of Dogs”!

The utter joy of a new puppy!!!

Congrats to Bindi!  The newest CnSand Champion!   Bindi finished with a Supported Entry Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, and Best of Opposite over Specials for a 5 Point Major at the DelMarVa Supported Entry!

Quackers on the Cover of the 2016 Summer Preview  Catalog for “In the Company of Dogs”!

CnSand Portuguese Water Dog Families!

2016 Video Link: 


We have our 3rd CnSand dog on the COVER of “In The Company of Dogs” Catalog!  Disney will be gracing the Summer 2017 Preview issue. 

Mufasa and Disney make their ring debut at the Connecticut River Working Group Association Dog Show.    The Nutmeg PWDC sponsored a Supported Entry.  Nice big entries, and Mufasa came out on top both days.    On Saturday he was Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best Puppy, and Best Puppy in Show!   He repeated Winners Dog on Sunday.   Two days shown....two 5 point majors!   WHOA!

Silly Sister Disney was Reserve Winners Bitch on Sunday, and Best of Opposite in Sweepstakes as well.   Photos below are taken by Lisa Wiley. 

Mufasa is groomed by Jenny Kreiger and handled by Rick and Jenny

Disney is groomed and handled by Jamie Donelson

2018 National Specialty:

Mufasa & Jamie win Puppy Sweepstakes at the 2017 National Specialty!

with an entry of 87 puppies ages 6 to 18 months, Judge Matthew Davis awarded Mufasa Best Puppy in Sweepstakes!

Sawyer was awarded a 4th place in Veteran Dog with JoJo at the helm.   As well as earning a Rally Advanced leg with Anne handling.

Disney earned a forth in her Sweeps class and a third n her regular 15-18 month class. 

and Kris was honored to be the Breeder Judge at the PWDCA Top 20 event!


Updated 4/9/2019

Mufasa is ranked in the Top 10 for PWDs Breed and All-Breed and received an automatic invite to Westminster!   Handled by Jamie